We are innovative, committed and current in quality of service to ensure that operational efficiency is achieved within the logistics business chain.


About Us

"We take pride in simplifying deliveries by ensuring all shipments are delivered at your door-step"

Libmot Express is the foremost provider in delivery services. It was founded in 2016 to develop solutions that simplify and create convenience in door-to-door service delivery. Libmot Express has emerged as a household name with its sister company, Libmot.com (Libra Motors). Libmot Express as a brand is very well known for providing seamless door-to-door service that caters for individuals, companies, merchants and government. Our mobile app solution has been designed to provide ease of access to all our services. To ensure that our customers’ expectations are met, we have provided real-time tracking visibility that gives a detailed breakdown of shipment progress till final destination. At Libmot Express, we deliver to your door-step, we carry with care and ensure all customers get the value of service offered.

Our Value



Dedicated in exceeding customer’s expectation by applying insight and innovative logistics solutions.


Our Vision is to be the key partner in Logistics across Africa, offering a higher quality of service.