Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to common Libmot Express shipping questions.

What services do we offer?

A) Inbound Service

Pickup and delivery services within the same state

B) Outbound Service

Express delivery: Same day delivery of light weight documents and parcels only between states. Must be at the terminal location before 7am.

Next Day Delivery: We pick up today or you bring at the terminal and it’s delivered the next day between states

Time Definite Delivery: We pick up or you bring at the terminal and it’s delivered within 48 hours between states

Is it okay not to ship without a waybill number?

Not, it’s not. As a Sender the waybill number is what identifies that you shipped with Libra Express

I did not receive SMS alert after my parcel, package or shipment was captured on the system?

Yes it’s possible because your tele communication network did not give the permission (your number is on “Do not Disturb”). However, you will receive an email alert of your waybill number. Please ensure you give the Libmot Express staff your email address if sending from the terminal. With the mobile app it is a compulsory feature.

How will the Receiver be informed on the arrival of the item?

At the arrival of the item the receiver gets an SMS alert that communicates “item is avaliable for pick up”. Also, the sender can share the SMS or email alert sent by Libmot Express that has the waybill number and the website link. With the waybill number receiver can track till arrival of the item on the website or mobile app.

Quick answers to common Libra Express tracking questions.

If I do not have my tracking number, is it still possible to track my shipment?

Yes only because you used an agent/partner. We strongly advise you always ask the agent for your tracking number however, if you have the agent's reference number, you can track on our website and mobile app.

When I attempted to track my Libmot shipment, I received an invalid waybill error message or it was not responsive. Why?

There could be various reasons. The Libmot Express Waybill number is a 10 digit numeric number (e.g. 1234567890, 2345678901), so please recheck the number and try again

When I track my shipment, it’s showing that my shipment is not going to the intended destination?

Sender have declared a wrong destination and item is already on transit. Hence sender have to cancel, request for destination change and wait till item arrival the wrong destination to enable Libmot Express re-direct to the right destination. In which a new waybill number will be communicated to the sender. Please contact Customer Service quickly

The tracking results seen on the web /mobile OR SMS sent is reading “Available for pick up” but at the point of collection item is not seen. Why?

Item is still at the departure terminal but be rest assured to still receive the item. Libmot Express is working hard to eliminate these occurrences. Please contact Customer Service quickly.

Quick answers to common Libra Express Outbound Service questions.

I shipped an item today, why can’t the receiver get it today?

You did not opt in for Express Delivery. With Express Delivery between states you get it same day. Next Day Delivery, you ship today and get it tomorrow. Our maximum time for delivery between states is 48 hours.

Is it possible not to receive an item within 48 hours?

Yes it is. This is due to unforeseeable operational issues. However, sender receives a notification email and SMS of the real time situation and receiver gets item within 24 hours.

Is it possible for a Libmot Staff to reject my proposed shipping item?

Yes it is, if the item is prohibited by the laws of Nigeria and Libmot Express as a company. Also, if it is already close of business day, closing timeline for collection of Express Delivery service and if is already 3 hours before departure time of shipping vehicles.

Why should I declare the value of an item?

Declaration of shipment value is to protect the sender and receiver in an event of unforeseeable event. Once declared be rest assured you will be indemnified, in a scenario where the sender did not, shipment cost will be indemnified. You will be indemnified based on the value that was declared at the point of sending.

What’s the official closing hours of Libmot Express?

Terminal Operations: Mon-Sun | 5am-9pm

Mobile App pickup & delivery: Mon-Sat | 8am-5pm