- Express Delivery
- Next-Day Delivery
- Same-Day Delivery
- 48hours service Delivery
- E-commerce & Social Businesses Delivery


Express Delivery

A 24 hours service delivery timeline in which the shipment leaves the same day of shipment capture before 8am. Collection is done on same day of shipment, suitable for outbound (interstate) shipping. Shipment within different states across Nigeria.

Next-Day Delivery

Goods are delivered the day after they're received by Libmot Express, has 24 hours service timeline from the day of shipment. Next-day delivery means that senders can have items delivered to their customers quickly as well. Appreciate for inbound (intra-state) and outbound (inter-state) shipping.

Same-Day Delivery

Suitable for only inbound (intra-state) deliveries. This delivery type is carried out in less than 24 hours within the same city of a state. Same-Day deliveries with Libmot Express are done within 4 hours. However, Express Delivery is also carried out within the same state with a timeline of 2 hours. With this service, dispatch riders pick up from senders and delivery at the door-step of the receiver

48-hours Delivery

This service is only for outbound (inter-state) shipping. Shipment leaves the next day after received by Libmot Express and arrivals within 48 hours of received date. Suitable for heavy equipment shipping, cargo shipping and dead- weight shipping

E-commerce & Social Business Delivery

We render delivery services for e-commerce & social media businesses where we pick up parcels/packages/cargo and deliver at the door-step of the receivers. We have designed a special platform for businesses online called “MerchantSwift Service (MSS)”. MSS enables online business access dispatch riders in less than 10mins and enjoy discounted prices. Benefits of MSS includes;

1.Verified by Libmot Express as a merchant
2.Access to discounts, rewards and flexible payments
3.Faster access to dispatch riders
4.Access to sales delivery report on Merchswift dashboard